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Grand Story -Hairstylist Reigns Over Reading Empire

I love inspirational stories about women who stay close to their passions, survive, thrive and encourage others to learn and have fun along the way. 

This article from the magazine published by the Texas Co-Op Power, our local service provider.  If you are in a book club, you will see the concept taken to a new level.

Such a great story from an unexpected source.   Please click below to link to it.

Texas Co-op Power Magazine – Texas Stories: Bound & Determined – An Online Community for Members of Texas Electric Cooperatives.



2 thoughts on “Grand Story -Hairstylist Reigns Over Reading Empire”

  1. Reblogged this on Financial Freedom Party for Women (FFP)-Talk and commented:
    This is a posting from my author’s website at http://www.debrahadsall. I suppose some folks made fun of her combining women, beauty and a book club. Me, I totally get it, that’s why we created the Financial Freedom Party for Women. Yes, I have been seen as little to very weird by the financial services industry, but women love it. Please read this article. A nice story. Debra

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