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Kathy Murphy, Beauty and the Book


One of my earlier posts was about Kathy Murphy who has uniquely combined her passion for reading and financial literacy with beauty and women.  She is the creator of a very successful book club with about 2000+ members (mainly women, but now with a few men and children) called the Pulpwood Queens. There are currently over 500 chapters nationwide with thousands of members  and is now INTERNATIONAL with members and chapters in 15 foreign countries!

If you missed the story, please click at the end of this posting.  It is where I first learned about her, but recently I met her through an introduction from Phil Latham, a journalist who met Kathy while when he interviewed her for an article he was writing.  They have kept in touch over the years.

Meeting her was a joy and for one hour she, I, Phil and my friend Emily sat in Kathy’s new beauty shop and talked about books, publishing, authors (she has interviewed some best selling ones), reaching out to women, and her next annual gathering called Girlfriend Weekend.

We discovered we had attended the same Kansas college back in the day.  We also talked about our shared passion for valuing how women connect to learn, read, have fun, and support each other.  She does it through her book club, I do it through my Financial Freedom Party for Women.

This is the picture from that  spring day in East Texas. Kathy is second from the left, I am on the left and Phil Latham and Emily Mann Latham are on the right.  Behind us you can see the top of the book case which is full of fun books, including a few written by Fannie Flagg, a author of fun and inspiring books.  Yes, back there is also a place to have your hair done and everything you find in your local beauty shop.kathy&us

Beauty and the Book, what a great concept.  You can click here to see the website and learn more about the book club, Girlfriend Weekend, Kathy, and the book list.

This is the link to the article.Texas Co-op Power Magazine – Texas Stories: Bound & Determined – An Online Community for Members of Texas Electric Cooperatives.


Until next time.

Debra Hadsall






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