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A Common Enemy, The Uniting Force


My dad had a sharp wit and some interesting observations about life.

When our son was born, I remember Dad looking at me and saying, “Well is it true having a child brings a couple closer together?” He had the joke smirk on his face so I said “Well why would you ask that?” to which he replied “Because now you both have a common enemy.” He was just kidding, but there is truth in that little witticism.

Watching the news has me thinking about his comments. Countries all over the world who ordinarily can’t get along about anything, have been bound together by a common enemy and are beginning to work globally to find a solution to the terrorism and violence of our times. I see old enemies trying to work together to conquer one new common enemy who manages to offend everyone. There might be something it that idea that having a common enemy brings us closer together.

Time will tell, but I am hopeful.

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