A Little Girl Rules the Day


holding hands

The world seems a little crazy these days.  Good experiences with our fellow human beings are lost in the instantaneous and consistent  reporting on every negative detail of our existence.  The local political environment has become difficult and the focus is on differences and division for a variety of reasons such as religion, ethnic background, where we live, our political preferences, and on and on. Kindness, understanding, and compassion are still out there, but most of the time we just don’t notice.  Then something unexpected happens and catches us by surprise.  That happened to me and it really gave me hope and confidence in those who are coming up behind us.

Two of my friends (and about 100 other people we really didn’t know well) attended a baby shower for a young woman we do know.  In this festive atmosphere there were some small children playing in a little room adjacent to the restrooms.  The families could see them, but the noise level from their play was not hitting at full decibel range for those of us in the main room.

As I started to go through their play room I noticed little puddles of water along with broken balloons.  It looked like a water balloon party had occurred before I arrived.  It also looked like a good chance to slip a little on the way to the my destination.  Then it happened.  A very teeny little girl wearing cowboy boots looked at me and told me to be careful and pointed to the water. She was very intent of making sure I didn’t fall.   She walked over and calmly took my hand and  very  efficiently escorted me to the bathroom door.  I thanked her and she returned to her friends.

Things like this remind me that in some places for some moments, all is well with the world. It didn’t matter that we were different ages, grew up in different parts of the country, and may not belong to the same church.  I felt like the child being taught by someone older and wiser than me.  It was a humbling and happy moment.

That little girl ruled the day and I thank her!


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