My Monkey Mind

My monkey mind postings relate to Buddha’s description of the human mind as being filled with drunken monkeys, jumping around, screeching, chattering, and carrying on endlessly. These postings come from my monkey mind.
So, these are the things my monkey mind has led me to:
Deciding to learn about B Corps which are social impact corporations.
Writing a little book called GROUP LIFE SKILLS & MENTORING FOR GIRLS AND YOUNG WOMEN IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS based something I was involved in creating in 2010.
Wondering about ambulance insurance (to include air ambulance) because we live in a rural area.
Sorting out who might be interested in an email I received from Ellevest which allows me to refer five women to an investment option they offer designed for women and which has low fees and no minimums, I’m just opening the door, not giving financial advice.
Updating my knowledge of reverse mortgages.  Never know who I will meet who will find this a useful tool in her financial life.
Wondering what the ending of the Hulu series The Hand Maid’s Tale  will look like and wondering how I missed that book in the 1980s.  Oh I remember, work, house, child, career, college….no time for reading novels.
Making plans to connect with friends and family for lovely summer–hot but lovely.
What’s on your monkey mind?







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