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As with many authors, Debra does not enjoy writing about herself.  However, she is passionate about sharing anything and everything about the evolution of the Financial Freedom Party for Women®.  With that in mind, she did the talking and someone else did the writing.  The result is a story captured so wonderfully by Katherine Hause, a freelance writer whose articles regularly appear in business publications

The article is titled Party with a Purpose, Transforming a Niche into a Market.  The introduction  is included here.

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Party with a Purpose

Transforming a Niche into a Market

Limited by accepted policy and frustrated by the lack of support and materials, financial advisor Debra Hadsall turned a time-tested concept into an innovative system for better reaching an underserved market of investors.

The time is early evening, the place, a comfortable suburb in deep South Texas.  The street is deserted, the light almost gone. All quiet, except at one house where, judging by the cars lining the curb, it’s clear that in here there’s a party going on. A pachanga, as they’d call it here, family style.

Inside, there’s the usual cast of characters: mamas, daughters, an occasional baby or son-in-law, and the usual dining room table laden with homemade concoctions, some hot, some cold. Every now and then someone wanders in, fills a plate and disappears into the living room. Because, tonight, that is where the action is.

 At the front of that room is the hostess – indisputably the one who organized this event — and a woman with a flip chart and a small paperback booklet, twin to those in the laps of her audience. They pour over these booklets like catalogs, but it’s not candles or cosmetics that these women are shopping for: it’s answers to their financial services needs. 

 This is a party all right, but a Financial Freedom Party for Women®, the brainchild of financial advisor Debra Hadsall who developed the concept as a way to engage a previously untapped source of women investors using the home party sales model.












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