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If you won $5,000 a week for the rest of your life…

One morning this summer I pulled up my emails and noticed an interesting challenge by my friend, and author, Rosemary Augustine.  She is always thinking, writing, and journaling.  This is what I read.

Here’s a fun contest for the end of the summer.  If you won $5,000 a week for the rest of your life, what would you do with it? Really think about this please, beyond “buying a house and a new car” …  

Send me your response in 100 words or less.  What does the winner get?  Maybe $5,000 a week for the rest of your life or two tickets to the movies… it depends on what you write.   Hit reply and send me your 100 words (or less).  Deadline is August 28th.

 Thanks for participating.  

 Rosemary Augustine – Author and Publisher  and

This really made me think.  I knew whatever I wrote had to be concise.  It was a nice exercise and one which encourages those taking the challenge  to just take a breath and really focus.

My response to her was pretty short, but said a lot.

I would…

Finance the Women’s Financial Connection so we reach 9.3 million women and girls with basic financial literacy, including an emphasis on investing.

Team with Senator Elizabeth Warren as she pushes for radical reform in the financial services industry.

Team with Sallie Krawcheck as she continues to develop the new investing model of Gender Lens Investing, a catalyst of change to improve the status of women at the highest levels of business in the male dominated investment community.

Enjoy the explosion of transformational change in the lives of millions of women as these top down and bottom up approaches connect.

So, what would you do with $5,000 a week for life?



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Kathy Murphy, Beauty and the Book


One of my earlier posts was about Kathy Murphy who has uniquely combined her passion for reading and financial literacy with beauty and women.  She is the creator of a very successful book club with about 2000+ members (mainly women, but now with a few men and children) called the Pulpwood Queens. There are currently over 500 chapters nationwide with thousands of members  and is now INTERNATIONAL with members and chapters in 15 foreign countries!

If you missed the story, please click at the end of this posting.  It is where I first learned about her, but recently I met her through an introduction from Phil Latham, a journalist who met Kathy while when he interviewed her for an article he was writing.  They have kept in touch over the years.

Meeting her was a joy and for one hour she, I, Phil and my friend Emily sat in Kathy’s new beauty shop and talked about books, publishing, authors (she has interviewed some best selling ones), reaching out to women, and her next annual gathering called Girlfriend Weekend.

We discovered we had attended the same Kansas college back in the day.  We also talked about our shared passion for valuing how women connect to learn, read, have fun, and support each other.  She does it through her book club, I do it through my Financial Freedom Party for Women.

This is the picture from that  spring day in East Texas. Kathy is second from the left, I am on the left and Phil Latham and Emily Mann Latham are on the right.  Behind us you can see the top of the book case which is full of fun books, including a few written by Fannie Flagg, a author of fun and inspiring books.  Yes, back there is also a place to have your hair done and everything you find in your local beauty shop.kathy&us

Beauty and the Book, what a great concept.  You can click here to see the website and learn more about the book club, Girlfriend Weekend, Kathy, and the book list.

This is the link to the article.Texas Co-op Power Magazine – Texas Stories: Bound & Determined – An Online Community for Members of Texas Electric Cooperatives.


Until next time.

Debra Hadsall






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Gloria Steinem, Author, Thought Leader, Activist Turns 80

Last year I wrote a posting for my Financial Freedom Party for Women blog (  titled Before We Had the Kardashians We Had Bella, Gloria, and Oprah.

Well Bella Abzug is no longer with us, Oprah is out there with her OWN network, and according to a wonderful article in the New York Times, Gloria Steinem is turning 80.   It is a great article for those of us who remember Gloria and her enormous impact on the lives of women, and especially for those who may not know much about her.  Just click here to see for yourself.

I used to walk on the treadmill and read her books.  Something for the body, mind, and spirit all at once.  Maybe it is time to re-visit some of her writings.


Debra Hadsall






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Louie, Louie-Sounds and Smells of the Past


I flipped through the TV channels, kind of paying attention as I worked on the laptop.  I heard the song Louie, Louie being sung on a PBS show about songs from the past– aka, my youth.

I looked up for a moment and saw a group of seasoned band members singing this song which was really popular when I was in junior high school.  It was a time when young teens were quite naïve and innocent compared to those today.  Not a judgment, just a fact.  The music caught my attention and I tried to listen carefully to see if now, as an adult, I could figure out just what was being said.  At the time the song was catching everyone’s attention back in the day; part of the attraction was the rumor that the words were indecent.  If so, even all these years later I can’t understand them well enough to know. Actually, I was just enjoying the memories that the song brought back.  Interestingly enough, they were closely tied to the smells of the time.

I recall growing up in a suburb of Kansas City and going to basement rec rooms with wood-paneled walls and the lights turned down. Small groups of boy and girls gathered for music, talk, dancing, and just hanging out. There were no cigarettes, no alcohol, and no drugs.  The boys smelled of newly acquired colognes like Brut and English Leather. The girls had Prell shampooed hair which was dried (without a hair dryer) and ironed with a real iron until it hung straight as the paneling on those basement walls.  We cleaned our skin with Bonnie Bell products which had a distinctive smell and put on a little Bonnie Bell lip gloss to make us look glamorous.  Even the lip gloss had its own smell.  The fragrances of choice for us at the time were Chantilly, Tabu, and Emeraude.  I liked Emeraude.  Apparently the boys liked the girls with Tabu the best. The Tabu girls got asked to dance more often.  As an adult I can understand that the name and the smell of this fragrance probably should have been an indicator of the different personality types of the girls. Tabu smelled and sounded just so  exotic, grown-up and yes, taboo.tabu

After I finished the fragrance filled moments in my mind, I looked up from the laptop to see the audience of folks listening to the band members.  Reality set in as I looked at the sea of older adults, some bald heads, lots of white hair, and people who were no longer young teens. They were singing along to Louie Louie with their version of the words and having a good time.  They looked like they were having fun, but I was still lost in the moments from the past full of music and smells.  Maybe they were too.

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What I Am Writing


Loved this old-fashioned glam take on writing.  Most of us write in blue jeans and t-shirts, or even in pjs (right?).  The smile must mean the project has come to fruition.

I’m writing a short presentation titled:

Lunch Bunch, from Kuwait to South Texas and from Violence to High School Graduation

Well, now the idea is out there, time to get focused and put it to pen and paper (or computer to the printer), then I will be smiling too.

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What I have been reading

Book of nature

I am lucky enough to be in a book club.  This pushes me to read a variety of books which I ordinarily would have just blown by, or not even discovered.  We all get into our habits.  Some of us read only novels, some only non-fiction and some people don’t read much at all.  Even the definition of what a book is can be interesting.  I discovered that a couple of my friends don’t think a book of short stories is a book at all.  Interesting to me, the truth for them.

These are some of my recent reads:

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt– Very interesting and very long, but worth it.

How to Make Money by Blogging by Bob Lolitch –I bought the e-book edition for less than a dollar.  This is an extremely useful and instructional book.

Fires of Alexandria by Thomas K. Carpenter –Fun, easy to read and a nice historical novel.

Empty Mansions, The Mysterious Life of Hugette Clark and the Spending of an American Fortune by Bill Dedman and Paul Newell, Junior — A really interesting and fascinating story of the long life of a very wealthy woman who had her eccentricities, and probably a lot of reasons for them.  A true story and not a novel so it may not have the excitement some are expecting.  I was inspired to write about it.  Just click here to see more.

That’s it for now.  More to come as I journey through the land of books!.  What are you reading?

Debra Hadsall

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Welcome !

Thanks for landing on the author blog for Debra Hadsall.  It seemed time to gather all the bits and pieces of my writings and list them in one place.  I have learned that some of you don’t enjoy jumping from website to website to track down a book or an article by a writer.


When writing a book or an article, there is often a tendency for the author (and editors) to go back over the material like it is a never-ending project.  In the quest for perfection,there are always ways to make something sound better (in one person’s opinion), or to tweak something which means other pages have to be changed, and on and on. I see writing as taking a snapshot and just getting it out there in an acceptable and meaningful manner.  It doesn’t have to be perfect to be effective.

So, this is the first version of this website and blog.  Information will be added and changed as time goes on.

Enjoy and please keep coming back to learn more about women, money, and other things which are of interest to women—and even men!

Debra Hadsall,

January 2014