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A New Little Book!


Now I can say “I wrote” and not ” I’m writing”.

The experienced based book, Life Skills and Mentoring for Groups of Girls and Young Women in Public Schools is published!

Please check it out by clicking here.

Soon it will be available on But…if you order from the link above it is a more advantageous to the author (that would be me in this case).

If you are looking for a meaningful volunteer activity, or just someone who is interested in the success of girls and young women, please consider getting a copy.  Everyone learns in the process, not just the students.

More later, but just feeling joyful that it’s finished and that I have talented women around me who helped by reading, editing, asking questions, and being supportive!






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If it isn’t tried….

Sometimes we just have to take a chance.

In the fall of 2010, my friend (and pastor) Sue and I ventured out into our little community in a small town in Texas in hopes of meeting some young women who could use just a little support and encouragement to let them enjoy their school years and actually graduate.  This year (2014), that hope became a reality as a group of us gathered to attend graduation to celebrate the accomplishments of those students we met that first year.  Along the way the group of volunteers and students has expanded.

When we started this journey, our hopes were high, but our expectations were limited.  There was no roadmap for us to follow, we just worked together as volunteers, students, and school staff members to meet the needs of those we met.  It was a collaboration for sure.

Yesterday I was going through my box of cards which I have kept over the years because they are special and have brought me joy and encouragement. I found a card Sue had sent me when we first started the mentoring activity.  It made me smile and reminded me that things that look good after four years, may not have seemed that certain in the beginning.


The added statement “If it isn’t tried, we don’t know if we can” became very powerful and helped me stay focused and moved me into action.  The kindness in the words and the loving spirit in which the card was sent helped me remain centered on outcomes which benefited the students. This is a good reminder that kind words of encouragement can help overcome fear and allow us to ignore the small minority of people who were negative about the whole thing  (yes, there were a few along the way).

This card is a keeper!  May you take these wise words and move forward on something you have been going to do but lacked the courage to take the first step.