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Digital Investment Platforms Have Arrived!

Been hearing about digital investment platforms but wondering if they are for you? This article gives a simple and understandable overview of three platforms: Ellevest, Acorns, and Robinhood. Great way to start investing without needing a large sum of money or a lot of knowledge about investing in general.
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If you won $5,000 a week for the rest of your life…

One morning this summer I pulled up my emails and noticed an interesting challenge by my friend, and author, Rosemary Augustine.  She is always thinking, writing, and journaling.  This is what I read.

Here’s a fun contest for the end of the summer.  If you won $5,000 a week for the rest of your life, what would you do with it? Really think about this please, beyond “buying a house and a new car” …  

Send me your response in 100 words or less.  What does the winner get?  Maybe $5,000 a week for the rest of your life or two tickets to the movies… it depends on what you write.   Hit reply and send me your 100 words (or less).  Deadline is August 28th.

 Thanks for participating.  

 Rosemary Augustine – Author and Publisher

careeradvice.com  and www.rosemaryaugustine.com

This really made me think.  I knew whatever I wrote had to be concise.  It was a nice exercise and one which encourages those taking the challenge  to just take a breath and really focus.

My response to her was pretty short, but said a lot.

I would…

Finance the Women’s Financial Connection so we reach 9.3 million women and girls with basic financial literacy, including an emphasis on investing.

Team with Senator Elizabeth Warren as she pushes for radical reform in the financial services industry.

Team with Sallie Krawcheck as she continues to develop the new investing model of Gender Lens Investing, a catalyst of change to improve the status of women at the highest levels of business in the male dominated investment community.

Enjoy the explosion of transformational change in the lives of millions of women as these top down and bottom up approaches connect.

So, what would you do with $5,000 a week for life?



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My Monkey Mind- Women in Commerce and Shades of Nancy Botwin

This is reposted from my blog about women and money, http://www.ffptalk.com.  I find the creative community often appreciates my monkey mind postings more than  most of my regular readers.  Please enjoy.


My monkey mind postings relate to Buddha’s description of the human mind as being filled with drunken monkeys, jumping around, screeching, chattering, and carrying on endlessly. These postings come from my monkey mind.

Yesterday my monkey mind connected Nancy Botwin (a fictional character), ways to improve financial lives by making more money, and women in commerce in the legal pot industry in Colorado.  I am not posting about whether or not legalized marijuana is appropriate, only about where my monkey mind took me recently.

Colorado has legalized the growing and sale of recreational marijuana, with limitations.  I lived in Colorado for most of my adult life and have family and friends there.  Recently I was staying with my  adult son and he opened the freezer, took out a small bag of marijuana, and asked if I wanted some.  Then we laughed.  Pot has never been my deal or his. The bag has been there for six months.  The humorous part was he was having this conversation with his mother and all of a sudden that which was forbidden and usually hidden, was now OK (limited amounts of course) and out for all to see.

He and I have our mother and son bonding over cable TV shows like Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Nip Tuck, and my all-time favorite, Weeds.  If you don’t know, Weeds is the  fictional story of Nancy Botwin, a widow with two children and a big need for big income.  She is not a perfect person and her decision to deal weed is one of love, violence,  greed, corruption, survival, decisions, sex, and commerce.  It is also the story of a woman in an industry run by men and a mother’s concern for providing for her children.  Quite an interesting combination.

The last episodes show how over time she made the jump from being a criminal dealing drugs to a woman of commerce with a chain of very successful stores selling pot edibles.  How did this happen?  The story line put her in a world where weed had been legalized.  I loved the ending since it showed Nancy as the owner of a very large, very legal, and  very legitimate business.  My son didn’t share my enthusiasm.  I suspect he was looking for the crazy violence prone Nancy to rise again.  Instead it was a story of  closure and commerce .

This week I did a posting titled Three Ways to Improve Your Financial Life.  One of these ways to make more.  I am always fascinated by how we as women find ways to make more for ourselves and our families.  So, when CBS This Morning did a segment on women in Colorado who are in the  legalized marijuana industry, are making money, reaching out to each other, and getting a piece of the action, I thought of Nancy Botwin and the idea of making more money.

In the  CBS video, a woman is shown in a commercial  kitchen  preparing pot goodies.  She is not a Food Network star or a well-known chef, the way most women in kitchens come to us via our television.  I doubt that she is highly paid or wealthy…yet.  She is a woman doing commerce in the legalized pot industry in Colorado. I thought, finally a way for women who can cook and/or grow things and also run a business to make a real living. This is big business and one where women are already finding a way to connect with other women to define the industry and benefit financially from their efforts. The segment can be viewed at http://www.cbsnews.com/news/making-the-marijuana-business-women-friendly

I remember that after I viewed the final season of Weeds, I mentioned to my husband that maybe I should get into the pot business some day when it is legalized more widely.  He laughed and reminded me that most plants I care for die and that although I make amazing cookies, my long-term ability to whip up delicious pot treats doesn’t exist.  So I will just watch from the sideline as those pioneering Colorado women lead the way.

Until next time.

Debra Hadsall



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What I have been reading

Book of nature

I am lucky enough to be in a book club.  This pushes me to read a variety of books which I ordinarily would have just blown by, or not even discovered.  We all get into our habits.  Some of us read only novels, some only non-fiction and some people don’t read much at all.  Even the definition of what a book is can be interesting.  I discovered that a couple of my friends don’t think a book of short stories is a book at all.  Interesting to me, the truth for them.

These are some of my recent reads:

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt– Very interesting and very long, but worth it.

How to Make Money by Blogging by Bob Lolitch –I bought the e-book edition for less than a dollar.  This is an extremely useful and instructional book.

Fires of Alexandria by Thomas K. Carpenter –Fun, easy to read and a nice historical novel.

Empty Mansions, The Mysterious Life of Hugette Clark and the Spending of an American Fortune by Bill Dedman and Paul Newell, Junior — A really interesting and fascinating story of the long life of a very wealthy woman who had her eccentricities, and probably a lot of reasons for them.  A true story and not a novel so it may not have the excitement some are expecting.  I was inspired to write about it.  Just click here to see more.

That’s it for now.  More to come as I journey through the land of books!.  What are you reading?

Debra Hadsall

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Welcome !

Thanks for landing on the author blog for Debra Hadsall.  It seemed time to gather all the bits and pieces of my writings and list them in one place.  I have learned that some of you don’t enjoy jumping from website to website to track down a book or an article by a writer.


When writing a book or an article, there is often a tendency for the author (and editors) to go back over the material like it is a never-ending project.  In the quest for perfection,there are always ways to make something sound better (in one person’s opinion), or to tweak something which means other pages have to be changed, and on and on. I see writing as taking a snapshot and just getting it out there in an acceptable and meaningful manner.  It doesn’t have to be perfect to be effective.

So, this is the first version of this website and blog.  Information will be added and changed as time goes on.

Enjoy and please keep coming back to learn more about women, money, and other things which are of interest to women—and even men!

Debra Hadsall,

January 2014