Creating a Concierge Service for Seniors, An Experience Based Guide

“It’s not how old you are, it’s how you are old.”  Jules Renard

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Here is a preview from Creating a Concierge Service for Seniors, An  Experience Based Guide.


My husband and I created a senior services business.  The best way we could describe what we provided for senior citizens was to refer to it as a lifestyle concierge service.  This guide is designed to share with you our experiences and business approach.  We had no roadmap, only our business background along with a new-found experience of living around a concentrated number of seniors.

This business was the product of necessity.  We had moved from a large metropolitan area with an inter-generational population, to a small and somewhat isolated resort town on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.  The population there has a heavy concentration of retirees and older folks, some who live there year around, and others who visit throughout the winter.  Coming from a large city meant we had to adjust to the business needs of a smaller resort town with a different demographic.  As with many of the locals, we found it necessary to build a schedule of part-time incomes.  Even before the economy tanked in 2008, the area we lived in lacked any full-time jobs with incomes like those in the big city. We learned to really tune into the needs of those around us and to use our skills, abilities, talents, and experience to deliver something they would “buy”.   It had never occurred to us to work with seniors until we saw how strong the need was in the community.

We had relocated for what we expected to be a temporary stay due to the health of one of my parents.  Over time we decided the warm weather in the winter was really nice and our stay was extended.  In the process we lived in a resort and began our experience of living in a community of seniors and caring for my family members who were seniors.  It became very apparent that the natural aging process, sometimes combined with medical challenges, affected the ability of seniors to maintain their independence.  We also belonged to a local church with a median age of 72.  Everywhere we went the lives of seniors were on display.  Our crash course on helping and understanding them had begun.

Not everyone can work with seniors, just as not everyone can easily care for babies, children, teenagers, or even their own family members.  It just isn’t for certain people.  However, my husband comes from a family who was raised on the farm and elders were given special reverence.  It is just in his DNA and a gift.  He has a kindness and patience with them that is natural.  He saw the value of offering his services to seniors and their families.  So, it was easy to transition into this type of work since we had been doing it for my family members.


Topics covered include:    

What is a concierge service for seniors?

Why would seniors need a concierge service?

Types of services

Potential clients

Skills of service providers

How to market

Privacy of client information

Legal issues

Service agreement

Making money: Pricing, Income & Expenses

Blog and website

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