First You Dream, A Financial Management Workbook

The third edition of First You Dream will be available soon.  

A Financial Management Workbook

by Emily Mann and Debra Hadsall

Featuring the Sermons of Rev. Dr. Marti Zimmerman, Doctor of Ministry

Description: This book is centered around Christian teachings in sermons such as “Shopping for the Glory of God”, “Daniel and the Lion’s Den”, “Fresh Starts and Covenants”, and others. The sermons are written in a conversational style, as is the entire workbook.

The financial management teachings are about goals and values, saving, investing, debt, life insurance, long-term care insurance, reverse mortgages, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, legal protection, debt to income ratio, net worth, and other basics of financial management

The workbook book is designed to be completed by an individual, but has also been successfully used in a workshop format.  The private information collected by the attendees remains private, but the financial management, personal accountability, and Christian teachings are shared among the group.

This workshop can be accomplished in three sessions of two hours each.  The attendees spend time outside the group collecting personal financial information.

This workbook is also very useful by for individuals, couples, and families to use at home and then to share with their financial advisors or to begin to take action if they decide they have the interest and time to do it themselves.

Regardless of where the materials are presented or read, the private information remains just that, private. The value of the workshop is fellowship, encouragement, and often sharing of successes and challenges being faced by the group members in managing their finances or meeting their financial and personal goals.

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