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Welcome !

Thanks for landing on the author blog for Debra Hadsall.  It seemed time to gather all the bits and pieces of my writings and list them in one place.  I have learned that some of you don’t enjoy jumping from website to website to track down a book or an article by a writer.


When writing a book or an article, there is often a tendency for the author (and editors) to go back over the material like it is a never-ending project.  In the quest for perfection,there are always ways to make something sound better (in one person’s opinion), or to tweak something which means other pages have to be changed, and on and on. I see writing as taking a snapshot and just getting it out there in an acceptable and meaningful manner.  It doesn’t have to be perfect to be effective.

So, this is the first version of this website and blog.  Information will be added and changed as time goes on.

Enjoy and please keep coming back to learn more about women, money, and other things which are of interest to women—and even men!

Debra Hadsall,

January 2014